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Near the city of Yogyakarta, there is the most beautiful Hindu temple in Indonesia. This temple was built in the ninth century AD. Because it is located in the village of Prambanan, the temple was called Prambanan temple but also well known as Lara Jonggrang, a name derived from the legend of Lara Jonggrang and Bondowoso. Here's the story.

Tersebutlah reputedly a king named King Baka. He was enthroned at Prambanan. King was a giant scary and big power. However, when it's fate, he finally defeated by King Pengging well. King Baka had died on the battlefield. King Pengging victory was due to the help of powerful people named Bondowoso which is also known as Bondowoso because he has a magic weapon called Bandung.

With the approval of King Pengging, Bondowoso occupy the Palace of Prambanan. Here he was fascinated by the beauty Jonggrang Lara, daughter of former opponents - yes, even the daughter of the slain king. However, he would marry her.

Lara Jonggrang afraid to reject the proposal that. However, he would not have accepted it. He wants to marry Bondowoso provided the terms are met. Condition is that he made a thousand temples and two deep wells. Everything should be finished overnight. Menyanggupinya Bondowoso, although a little objection. He requested the help of his own father, the person who has a host of supernatural spirits smooth.

On the appointed day, along with his followers Bondowoso and fine spirits began to build a temple that large amounts of it. It is very surprising ways and speed with which they work. After four hours of the morning only five temples which should be prepared. In addition to her well it was already nearing completion.

All the residents of Castle Prambanan become confused because they believe that all the requirements will be met Lara Jonggrang. What should be done? Soon the girls was awakened and told to pound rice in a mortar and sprinkled scented flowers. Hearing the sound of mortar and smell the fragrant flowers, fine spirits to stop their work because they thought it was already noon. Making less of a temple, but what about to say, spirits and soft stop doing his job without the help they can not possibly finish Bondowoso.

Bondowoso time the next day knowing that his business failed, not play angry. He condemned the girls around Prambanan - nobody would want to marry them until they become old maids. While Lara was cursed to be statues Jonggrang own. Arca is contained in a large temple hall hitherto named Lara Jonggrang temple. The temples which were nearby called Sewu which means a thousand.

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